Happy Birthday!

Portrait of my sister, Eusilou - 14" x 11", Red pencil on white Strathmore paper

Tomorrow, June 27, is my sister’s birthday! I wish her a verrrrrrry Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! She is not only a loving sister to me, but a true, good friend as well! I wish her the best always, and a most wonderful day tomorrow!!!

Happy Birthday, sister! Enjoy your day and God Bless you always!!!

Happy Father’s Day!

Portrait of the Lord, Jesus Christ - 20" x 16", Acrylic on canvas

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers everywhere!!! May God always keep you all in His blessing forever!!! To my father who recently passed away, I wish him my love and a most happy father’s day!!! And I extend my heartfelt thanks to all who offered their prayers and condolences for my father, and to all those who shared their sympathies with me and my entire family in our time of grief! Thanks so much!!!

Remembering my father

Portrait of my father - 14" x 11", Red pencil on white Strathmore paper

My father passed away on April 12, 2008, of a heart attack. It was one of the saddest times in my life. It felt like a big part of me died with him.

My father is the kindest person I’ve known. When someone so dear to you is suddenly gone forever, you wonder how things are ever going to be the same again. The void seems unbearable! I will surely miss him all the days of my life!

I love you very much, Dad!!! GOD Bless you always!!!

Hello everyone!

Self-Portrait - 14" x 11", charcoal on white Strathmore paperYou can call me Jose. And welcome to my blog– my own little corner in cyberspace!
Here you will read something about some things, but most especially (and hopefully, more interestingly), you will see more about my art.
Which is why I chose “artissining” as my subdomain name. Logically put, it reads: art is sining, where “sining” (pronounced, ironically, like the English word “sinning”) is the Tagalog equivalent of the word “art.” And for all its intricacies, art–simply–is…art, whatever the “color”!

Now I welcome you to my art and artnot! And if my art moves you, that’s good! Coz that would have proven me that art, a lot like love, makes the world go round!