Hello everyone!

Self-Portrait - 14" x 11", charcoal on white Strathmore paperYou can call me Jose. And welcome to my blog– my own little corner in cyberspace!
Here you will read something about some things, but most especially (and hopefully, more interestingly), you will see more about my art.
Which is why I chose “artissining” as my subdomain name. Logically put, it reads: art is sining, where “sining” (pronounced, ironically, like the English word “sinning”) is the Tagalog equivalent of the word “art.” And for all its intricacies, art–simply–is…art, whatever the “color”!

Now I welcome you to my art and artnot! And if my art moves you, that’s good! Coz that would have proven me that art, a lot like love, makes the world go round!


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