Ahhh, coffee!, 12"x9", pastel pencil on Canson 140-lb cold press watercolor pad

What could I possibly be thinking when I drew this? Why, coffee, of course! Although a slightly different kind. My kind of coffee is one that is mostly on the sweet side, you know, the one with a lot of sugar and cream or milk. My taste buds are partial to sweets so they distinguish the sensation of sweetness first before they allow the taste of coffee to kick in. When people drink coffee, they get an energy high because of caffeine. In my case, I get it from sugar. So how much sugar do I put in my cup of instant coffee? Three teaspoonfuls per three-quarter teaspoon of coffee (that’s even less than a teaspoon of coffee!) And since I do not really like the taste of sweetener substitutes, I’m content with the common refined sugar! Also, I need my coffee to always have cream or milk. Just exactly how much cream or milk I put in my coffee isn’t a specific amount, as long as the color of my coffee turns much lighter than brown (kind of like mixing white and yellow ochre together).
Even as I want my coffee ridiculously sweet, I am convinced that it’s not healthy. So I do not recommend it to anyone because I know that sugar is not good for the body. It’s just that I am somehow “addicted” to it and have not really outgrown my predilection for sweets. And that at times, more often than are necessary, I crave for sugar and cream/milk with a dash of instant coffee in it! What compounds my stupid behavior is the fact that diabetes runs in the family! And although I haven’t checked my blood sugar of late, I feel I’m kind of borderline diabetic already! I guess I better start living healthy and drink tea instead of sweetened coffee, eh? That would be a wise thing to do, right? Yes..! Sweet!


4 Responses

  1. KUYA BOYCHIE!!! your post made me smile…it reminded me of those mornings when mom would wake us up for breakfast and she’d make coffee for everyone. we knew that black was mine and THE SWEETEST was yours but you still added sugar…you know, maybe you should try kopi tiam or malaysian and vietnamese coffee; they use condensed milk…that should give you a sugar rush 🙂

    and guess where i am? i’m in gloria jeans coffee (both starbucks outlets here in trinoma are full!) hehehehe i know it’s bad but i’m after the free wi-fi. not really the coffee because it’s still starbucks or coffee bean and tea leaf for me. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE if the baristas here find out, i’m dead!

    i miss you!!!! give my love to mom and ate lou too! MWAH!

  2. Hello, Lynchie! Thank you for visiting my blog! I haven’t tried any of those kinds of coffee you mentioned, but kopi tiam sounds delicious to the last drop! Actually, I use just the regular homogenized milk to flavor my coffee. And the funny expression that you see on the cup in the drawing, it’s actually there! I did not make it up. The nose is actually a bump! It’s a beautiful mug! Mom bought maybe five or seven of these years ago. Nowadays, these kinds of mug are very hard to find, at least in our area. When Mom asked me to choose which cup design I liked among those that she bought, I picked the one that I posted on this blog. The expression reminded me of a groggy person trying to shake off a hangover with a cup of hot coffee! 😀
    Yes, don’t let the baristas find out that you’re only there for the wi-fi..! 😀
    Take care there, Lynchie! We love you! GOD Bless us all always!!!

  3. Please sweetheart…lessen your cravings…for sweets…you are already so sweet…

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