The marks man, 12"x9", gel pen on Bienfang 70-lb white paper

I’m glad humans learned to make marks and symbols. Because of this we now have our standardized letters and allowed people familiar to the same alphabet (or set of characters) to communicate with each other. The written word became the primary method for recording history. But what is even more interesting to me is, when we learned to make symbols, we also began to express ourselves and our emotions; hence, we started making art. And the moment we practiced art, we also refined our culture. We learned to notate our music, write our poetry or code our computer programs! The written word became so important in our lives that the letters and characters we developed seem to function as the DNA of communication, so to speak (pun intended). And what better example can I think of other than the written word of God, the holy Bible, as the most concrete manifestation of how letters and words can mean to our lives! They’re basically food for our soul!


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