Merch man

The merchandiser, 11"x9", pen and ink on medium-weight white paper

This is a drawing that I did while working for Best Buy as a merchandiser. Merchandising is a process common to all retail stores, big or small. If you go in any store anywhere on the planet and you see products on the shelves neatly arranged and priced clearly and correctly, then those products have been merchandised well!

It’s not really a hard job and even fun most of the time, although there were occasions when I had to lift some air conditioners and TVs as part of the task. Whatever the case, if I was carrying a heavy item, I always practiced safe lifting (you know, as in “keep your back straight, bend your knees, keep the product close to your body, grasp it firmly, lift with your legs, etc.” A merchandiser’s work involves setting up all the planograms (product placement/display) and price signage maintenance in the entire store so that each product has a specific place according to the store map. Planograms are pretty much the same across all Best Buy stores nationwide so customers entering an east coast store will most likely find the same layout if they were to visit a west coast store next.


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