The painter, 11"x8.5", pen and ink on Roaring Spring 60-lb paper

Vincent van Gogh is my favorite artist! If I were to choose only one influence in my art, it would be Van Gogh. His daring, direct application of colors on canvas, with minimum mixing, or none at all, on his palette, is the most remarkable characteristic that endeared me to his art! His works, just like his favorite color yellow, seem to look lively and bright like the sun! Paintings like The Night CafeThe Starry Night , the Sunflowers series, Cafe Terrace at Night, Irises, Wheat Field with Crows, Bedroom in Arles, The Yellow House, and any of his portraits and self-portraits, all show the vibrancy of colors that appear to burst out from the canvas’ surface! And his drawings, which I was fortunate enough to see for myself at The Met in 2005, are equally genius!

My most favorite self-portrait that he painted is the one he dedicated to (Paul) Gauguin. The green background that he used to frame his yellow-tinged-complexioned face and brownish coat made the already rousing portrait stand out all the more.


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