My space

spacearth, peacearth, 12"x9", acrylic on Strathmore 400-series, 60-lb Sketch paper

Fifty-one years ago, on October 4, 1957, the then Soviet Union launched the world’s first man-made, earth-orbiting satellite named Sputnik 1. Designed primarily for use in atmospheric studies, its successful deployment beat the United States by being the first craft in space and sparked the beginning of the Space Race. As the years progressed, competition between the two countries intensified with each other’s exploration until July, 1969, when the United States achieved a milestone with the first manned landing on the moon through the Apollo 11 mission! Ironically now, decades later, we are reaping the benefits from this Cold War Space Race by way of the GPS units we depend on in our automobiles, the cellphones we always carry with us, the laptops we use by way of broadband cards, etc. The importance of these “eyes in the sky” (as satellites are sometimes called) lies in the fact that they virtually shrink the vast expanse of space into smaller yet connected regions that can communicate with each other! Now, what was once a seemingly unknown and unreachable space suddenly becomes– in effect– “your space” and “my space”! Technology surely does have its pluses and minuses. But, not surprisingly, the good always outweighs the bad!


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