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she boom!

My tooth aches



my hideaway

go, yeti!

out into the rain

These are some more pen-and-ink drawings that I did using the Rotring ArtPen. I do not use the ink in any of the original cartridges that came with the pen because it’s not permanent, waterproof and dense enough. Instead, I completely empty the ink in the provided cartridge first, or replace it altogether with a piston-fill converter. Either way, I can then just fill it up manually with Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Ultradraw Waterproof Ink using a 5-ml syringe tipped with a 21-gauge needle. The ink is fluid enough to be used with a fountain-type drawing pen like the Rotring ArtPen because this is the same ink that draftsmen use in their more demanding and complicated technical pens.

All works are 11 inches by 9 inches in dimension and drawn on medium-weight white paper.


2 Responses

  1. Jose, I enjoy your website very much. Keep up the great work in sharing your life and being a voice of light shining out into the thick darkness. For, you see, your life is really not yours, but His flowing through you…God bless you and yours from us here at “Immortality Road.” Kenneth Wayne Hancock

  2. Thank you very much, Wayne, for your kind words! I appreciate a lot your visiting my site! Yes, I understand that to all those who believe in Him, everything is done and offered for His greater glory! And the internet, although originally conceived for scientists and educators for research and communication purposes, has afforded people like you and me to partake of its benefits by way of blogging. The internet can be as extremely dangerous as the wild west of before. But vigilant bloggers like you with noble purposes stand guard to keep the internet further away from hell! Thank you so much again, Wayne, and keep on blogging! GOD Bless you and your loved ones always!!!

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