So happy! Barack wins U.S. presidency!

Barack Obama wins US presidency

picture courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. Click for more photos of that historic night!

I’m so happy that Barack Obama won the presidency! And in a very convincing manner! History has been made indeed! As the first African-American (and the 44th) president of the United States of America, he defied practically all odds! It is truly a very exciting time for this country! What matters now is no longer the color of our skin but the call of our conscience. Now the road to recovery has begun for all Americans and I am very confident that President Barack Obama will lead the way to a better change. GOD Bless him and the United States of America!Barack Obama’s victory speech video in Chicago on election night, part 1 of 2Barack Obama’s victory speech video in Chicago on election night, part 2 of 2

Click on this link to read the full text of Barack Obama’s victory speech.


3 Responses

  1. I got teary-eyed the first time I read the full text of his speech. I hope the Philippines will have its own Obama.

  2. Thank you, wits, for visiting my blog!
    In my opinion, president-elect Barack Obama’s victory managed to achieve the unthinkable: to have an African-American as president of the U.S.! Because of this, I am now convinced that this country has truly matured! Indeed, with God’s blessings, all good things are possible! Now, all Americans and their allies are even more hopeful than ever!
    I thought the Philippines had its own Obama already long before Barack rose to prominence– in the person of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino. Sadly, some people got him killed. The concept of Obama’s color of skin is only subordinate to the real reasons why people voted for him: hope and change. And those were exactly the same platforms that Ninoy Aquino was bringing to our country had he become our president. The Philippines was the news of the world– much like what’s happening in the U.S. now– three years after Ninoy Aquino was assassinated. And that news, of course, was the People Power of 1986! That period then in the Philippines and the situation here now in the U.S. parallel each other toward a common direction: hope and change!

  3. you’ve no idea how happy we all are here in south africa
    i speak for the majority!
    i have heard some journalists [bbc] say that bush did help many countries in africa with HIV and other things

    will be interesting to see how he deals with africa
    the poor man has so much to do with sorting out the economy and jobs at home
    and there is no money when at the same time having to pay for a 3 billion? a week?
    roll on january when he gets sworn in

    i also think that anyone who can organise the campaign he did has to be a brilliant delegater
    and user of the latest technology

    i don’t half go on hay?!

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