Jumping into confusion

i feel you, 11"x8.5", color pencil on Winsor & Newton 65-lb paper

i feel you, 11"x8.5", color pencil on Winsor & Newton 65-lb paper

school of thought, 11"x8.5", rollerball pen on Winsor & Newton 65-lb paper

school of thought, 11"x8.5", rollerball pen on Winsor & Newton 65-lb paper

Methinks that when it comes to schools of thought of decision-making, there are three groups: first is the group where everyone sees each other eye-to-eye; next is the second group where each goes at each other toe-to-toe, and then there’s the third group where everybody sees everyone else from head to toe. The differences are that the first group is motivated by doing what’s best for everyone; the second group is moved by dying for everyone; and the third group is motionless for doubting everyone else. Clearly, it would seem that the best group is the first one, where there is always a consensus among all members. But, in the real world, an accord reached only among like-minded individuals does not always guarantee the best results– as there is, generally speaking, no forum created brought about by critical objections. Critical thinking is what makes any idea enlightened! So the all-encompassing solution would be to treat all these schools of thought as schools of fish. Put all these fishes together in a bowl of hot water. The ones that jumped out of the bowl would all eventually die out. The ones that stayed submerged but couldn’t endure the heat would all be cooked. And the ones that kept on jumping in and out of the water– but not out of the bowl– long enough till the heat subsided, would be the only ones to survive! When it comes to life-or-death situations, the first instinct these fishes will do is to save their own skin– not their own kin! The moral of the story: Practice jumping! Not only will your physical well-being improve, but that nobody will bother you for any decision-making when they see you jumping around. (Man, I don’t know what I’m writing about! I think I’m just hungry for a fried tilapia…)


8 Responses

  1. Reality bites…it’s hard to make tough decisions in this world…yet it’s our own choice..if we want to stay alive and continue the fight or die in vain…when the going gets tough..the tough gets going.Guess.. I have done so much jumping around with God as my springboard!

  2. Naks ang ganda ng analysis na yan hah. Ang lalim mo magisip! Naisip mo pa yung analogy na yun sa mga piniritong isda?! Bagong words of wisdom…magpapraktis na ko sa pagtalon.

    Tayming ang daan..eto at maliligo na nga para pumasok, nadayo pa dito. God Bless you. Ingats.

  3. Hi, 5378!
    You put it very eloquently– “jumping around with God as my springboard!” One could not have said it any better way! It’s a fearless expression of a leap of (true) faith!
    Thanks a lot, 5378!
    Take care there!

  4. Hey, Heleyna!
    Salamat sa pagdaan mo sa blog ko! At salamat din sa compliment mo. I appreciate it very much!
    Nahihiya nga ako run sa mga drinowing ko na isda; pati sila nadamay! Gusto ko lang naman ng pritong tilapia, eh!
    Ingat ka rin palagi riyan and GOD Bless you always!

  5. ang lalim kuya dko maarok… hehe! 😉

    pero in fairness, may katotohanan sa mga sinabi mo po. 😉

  6. Hi, Yhen! Salamat nang marami sa pagbisita mo!
    Oo nga, hanggang ngayon, masakit pa rin ang ulo ko! Iniisip ko lang kumain ng pritong tilapia eh napunta na ‘ko sa iba’t ibang groups of people. Mahirap pala talagang magsulat ng post pag nagugutom ka– kung anu-ano ang naiisip mo!
    Thanks a lot again, Yhen!
    Take care!

  7. Nice post and I agree with the analogy. I have friends who were very intelligent and yet didn’t manage to do well in their jobs because they were the ones who, in the face of problems, decided to jump out of the fish bowl.

  8. Pards, thank you for the compliment!
    Very true! Mere intelligence alone does not guarantee anyone a successful, fruitful career. It– success– has a lot to do more with character than aptitude, how you perform under pressure. The 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Total Recall, has a memorable quote that I find enlightening (at least for myself). It’s from the character named Kuato, and this is what he said: “You are what you do. A man is defined by his actions, not his memory.” I believe that. When push comes to shove, one’s actions define best who he/she is rather than what he/she thinks he/she is!
    Thanks a lot, Pards, for visiting my blog!

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