hic! (hallucination in control)

Eat, 11"x8.5", pen and ink on Roaring Spring 60-lb paper

Eat, 11"x8.5", pen and ink on Roaring Spring 60-lb paper

Drink, 12"x9", pen and ink on Bienfang 70-lb white paper

Drink, 12"x9", pen and ink on Bienfang 70-lb white paper

And be merry!, 11"x9", pen and ink on medium-weight white paper

And be merry!, 11"x9", pen and ink on medium-weight white paper

Ahhh…the “good” times with Ginebra and Tanduay E.S.Q.!
I still remember feeling great while I was eating,
then slowly turning tipsy-topsy-turvy while drinking…
and pretty much far gone by the time I was merry!


8 Responses

  1. Great illustrations, Pards. I especially like the second one because it reminds me of some common “sights” back home in Manila. Hehehe

    It’s been a long while since I had a “hic” moment. I won’t mind enjoying another one for as long as I don’t end up with a nasty hangover afterwards. 😀

    Take care, Pards.

  2. Thanks a lot, Pards, for the visit and the compliment!
    Yep, you’re right, that’s a common sight back home. And, though I’m not proud to admit it, I’ve partaken in quite a number of these “drink till you drop,” “hic” moments! I’m not even sure if they still sell Red Horse there. But that’s the one that always gives me the nastiest hangover! Back then, I could only really drink six of it without forgetting what day it was. After the sixth bottle, I would just wonder the next day how I even managed to get home! I’m glad I’m no longer drinking! But I sure missed the fun I’d always have with my friends– not with the hangover, though!
    Take care, Pards!

  3. astig nung “be merry” na ilustration… elf po ba yun? nwei, tama po yan… ganyan nga talaga ang life… masarap naman kc talaga mabuhay.. wag lang masosobrahan… 😉

  4. Hi, Yhen! Hindi siya elf; maliit lang siya at mahilig mag-hula hoop pag sobrang saya niya!:D
    At yung point of view mo na “masarap mabuhay…wag lang masosobrahan,” ay tama– para maiwasan ang kahihinatnan nito na “abuso.” Sabi nga ni Eddie Garcia: “…everything in moderation!”
    Salamat nang marami, Yhen, sa pagbisita at sa compliment!
    Take care always!

  5. Almost all young people perhaps had their H.I.C moments for sure for various reasons and out of these H.I.C experiences…many lessons [in life] were learned[of course after the hang-over…[if still alive]..rule is..drink the first..sip the second..skip the third!

  6. Hi, 5378!
    Wow! I’m glad you let me in on that rule. I’ve never heard that before! No wonder I’m always hung over!
    Thanks so much for the wisdom you shared! And for visiting my blog!
    Take care always!

  7. Hahaha
natuwa ko dito
malakas pakiramdam ko magiging bigtaym ka parekoi!! Or baka big tiaym ka na
pero tahimik ka lang?!

    Sana wag mo kaming kalimutan!! Tagay na
Tanduay E.S.Q hahaha.

  8. Hi, Heleyna! Salamat sa pagdaan mo sa blog ko!
    Tingnan mo nga naman, napagkamalan mo pa akong “bigtaym”! Tahimik nga po ako pero di po ako bigtaym.
    Masaya ako pag nalalaman ko na natutuwa o natatawa ang mga bumabasa sa blog ko! Lalo’t higit sa lahat, masaya ako dahil sa pakiramdam mo na magiging bigtaym ako; salamat nang marami sa confidence at fighting spirit mo para sa akin. Na-fla-flatter ako at nahihiya– hindi tuloy ako makatingin nang diretso sa monitor habang nag-ta-type! 😀
    At salamat din sa tagay mo! Paki-abot na rin ng chaser…hilo na ‘ko, eh!
    Take care always, Heleyna!

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