When I met you

When you find the right person for you– or, in the case of the Jerry Maguire film, the one who will “complete” you– will you know for certain that he/she is truly the one? Uh, uh…absolutely! That’s why the art world teems of works of inspiration– portraits, sculptures, poems, stories, songs, etc.– for one’s beloved half! Everyone has a lifetime to find his/her true love. And when one does, the joy brought by such a blessing seems to last beyond his/her lifetime, perhaps even until forever! Whether you finally found someone to love, or someone to love you, the effect is the same: heaven! And even if you didn’t, you need not worry. Because the Lord will find you with His love! And all will be well!
The music video above is from the APO Hiking Society, arguably the Philippines’ greatest musical group ever! The song, entitled “When I Met You,” was released in the early ’80s and was composed by one of its members, the inimitable Jim Paredes! It is a beautiful love song and a personal favorite of mine. It sounds like the sort of a coming-of-age point in one’s life when true love is finally found!
Some say that the best love songs are written with a broken heart! Well, this one resonates to a harmonious tune– one of hope to ease an aching heart! The parts of the chorus, “You gave me a reason for my being…You gave me a meaning to my life. Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing. And it all began when I met you,” are probably some of the most poignant lyrics one can ever hope to hear! It is one of the few songs that can both take and bring me back in time with the same feeling of joy and fondest memories!

i love what i'm feeling, 12"x9", markers on Bienfang 70-lb white paper

i love what i'm feeling, 12"x9", markers on Bienfang 70-lb white paper


9 Responses

  1. Wow! Master Artist…your genius did it again….bringing my heart to a total knock out with your visual and literary artistry.
    So true !!! I completely agree with you…fact is… I’ve rediscovered the meaning of this song in my life now more than ever…having been reconnected with this”very special person” who occupies a special place in my heart…bringing me back to my “purest memories” of that “first love that really never died”….just like an eternal flame. Why ???’Coz years back.,this very special person …as the APO song puts it “taught me how to love “(my great first love) and that ” I will always cherish…today…tomorrow and forever.”I’m totally overjoyed !!!

  2. hehe..naLSS nga ulit ako sa song na yan since marinig ko ulit on TV..kahit nga sa school, kinakanta at winiwhistle ko pa ‘pag walang magawa.. 🙂 hehe.. lite lang kasi yung dating niya..saka ang ganda ng lyrics..

  3. Hi, 5378!
    Parang kilala ko yung “very special person” na tinutukoy mo..! Ang swerte nya, ‘no? Tiyak ko, yon masaya rin! Pramis!
    5378, thanks so much sa pagdalaw mo sa blog ko, at sa compliment mo; I appreciate it a lot!
    Take care and GOD Bless you always!!!

  4. Hey, Jeremiah, hello!
    Oo, very catchy talaga yang kanta na yan! Marami na nga ring ibang version ang ginawa ng ibang OPM artists– proof na maganda talaga yung kanta! Plus, yung APO Hiking Society as a musical group ay mahusay talaga! Bilib ako sa kanila!
    Thanks a lot, Jeremiah, for visiting my blog!
    GOD Bless you always!!!

  5. I loved that song from the moment I first heard it. I was in high school then and it was one of the songs I played whenever I thought of the girls I fancied. 😀

  6. Pards, you got me laughing there when you said you played that song whenever you thought of the girls you fancied. I’m beginning to think you were a “player” already back then! 😀
    Take care, Pards, and thanks a lot for dropping by!

  7. One of my favorite songs. Starting with the “empty piece of the shell” line, I’m struck. By the way, can I grab your sketch? I really, really like it.

  8. I find this song really sweet.

    btw, thanks for visiting my site and for your kind words. Thanks din sa pag-link sa akin. E-link din kita on my next update. 🙂

    God bless!

    • Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Rebecca; I appreciate it a lot!
      Yes, that song is one of my APO favorites and one of my all-time personal, sentimental favorites! It always makes me feel good every time I hear this song, this version or otherwise.
      Btw, thanks a lot also for the linkback!
      Take care there, Rebecca, and GOD Bless you and all your loved ones always!!!

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