High School Art

high on art

high on art

When I started this blog, I only have one field of interest that I really felt comfortable writing about. And that is, of course, art– most specifically, the visual arts like drawing, painting, cartooning, calligraphy, sculpture, and the like. The reason is because it is the only thing that I think I have an idea of– at least to my own personal knowledge. Although I never had any formal art training, I always felt– even at an early age– that I could draw. And like most children, I started with stick drawings of people, things (like balloons, tanks and houses) and animals (like dogs and roosters). While most people stopped drawing these stick figures as they matured, I did not– well, not completely (playing with toy soldiers and cars always took away most of my time when I was a kid, and– as I grew older– daydreaming about pretty girls). The attraction with the visual image, I believe, is what got me hooked in art all my life.
There were no artists by profession in my family. So any interest out of the ordinary would have to be sustained by something, either by encouragement or a doggone-persistent personal dedication, for it to last until adulthood. I had more of the former. My family, seeing that I like to draw a lot as a kid, gave me the art materials I needed (pencils, paper, markers, paints, inks, etc.) and a lot of time of my own to experiment with my imagination. This served as my first art education: time alone on my own to play with marks on paper and dabble with creativity.
But the most significant art experiences that I’d never forget were the four years of my high school! In fact, those years were probably the best actual experiences that I had to ever put my artistic skills to good use! And I’m crediting it to my science adviser at that time, Mrs. Alicia O. Maza (GOD Bless her for this!) This humble teacher saw that I could draw so she always fielded me in poster-making and painting competitions in all of the four years of my high school. Because of that, I had the privilege– and blessing– of meeting, and competing against, the best young artists in the country! Looking back, I can say that I’d seen a lot of them with talents way, way better than mine and even far ahead of their time! And although I would feel humbled by their artistic proficiency, I would also feel challenged and encouraged to improve on my own skills. It was a time of experiences and lessons being learned.
Not only did my adviser, Mrs. Alicia O. Maza, give me these invaluable personal experiences at art competitions, but that she essentially trained me as well! She made me artist of our science newsletter and she made me do all the letterings on the welcome board in our school every time there’s an important occasion. All these for four years! (See, if you have no actual art teacher supervising your work, there’s only one way to learn and deal with it: by trial and error! In time, you would learn what worked and what didn’t work– aesthetically!) The only other remarkable event in my young life aside from my art development was my relationship with my first girlfriend in high school. That, of course, is a different experience, although both are rooted in beauty and self-expression!
So, even if I didn’t take up fine arts or any related art major in college (I took up engineering), I already had the affinity for art early on in my life. Ahh, those four years in high school…! I will never forget them! Those were the years upon which all my confidence in art was built! And all this is not complete without me giving my heartfelt, sincerest thanks and gratitude to my science adviser, Mrs. Alicia O. Maza, who saw what gift I had as a young man and showed me what I can do with it! Thank you, Ma’am Maza, from the bottom of my heart and GOD Bless you always!!!


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  1. What a difference a teacher truly makes in our lives. We all won’t be where we are now if not for their efforts.

    Great post, Pards.

    • Thank you so much, Pards, for dropping by! And for the compliment! I appreciate it a lot!
      Take care!

    • saang school ba nagturo yung teacher mong alicia o maza kasi may kilala akong alicia o maza pero buhay pa sya science teacher din sya

      • Hi, Perry!
        Yung teacher ko noon na si Ma’am Alicia O. Maza ay nagturo sa C.I.C. (College of the Immaculate Conception) sa Cabanatuan City. Doon kasi ako nag-aral from kindergarten hanggang high school. At si Ma’am Maza nga ang science teacher ko. Noong nag-aaral pa ako roon ay Administrative Officer siya ng school and at the same time ay science club adviser din namin. At, oo, buhay pa siya! GOD Bless her!!!
        Thanks a lot, Perry, for dropping by! GOD Bless!!!

      • ok akala ko kasi isang tao lang yun . mamang din kasi tawag ko sa kanya. last march 24 kasi closing ceremony nung cic main campus sa del pilar may nakapagsabi kay mamang(alica maza) na may blog daw tungkol sa kanya. so pina search nya sa kin kaya lang sabi ko kapangalan nyo lang siguro to bakit sabi died last 2006 .. sorry akala ko sya yung lola mamang kasi lola mamang din tawag nung mga apo nya di ko napansin na ibang blog na pala yun. anyway ikaw daw ba si laureus pacot?

      • Hi, Perry!
        Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa blog ko; I appreciate it a lot!
        Perry, I’m assuming na anak ka ni Ma’am Maza. I’m hoping she’s doing okay there. Please extend her my warmest regards! At gaya nga nang nabanggit ko na sa post ko about her, I’m grateful to her– sa Mamang mo– for all the invaluable lessons she taught me!
        As regards your last question– yes, that would be me.
        Thanks a lot, Perry! GOD Bless you and your whole family always!!!

      • hello,
        oo mother ko nga sya. sobrang saya nya at naalala mo daw sya. naiyak pa nga sa tuwa. yung sucess mo ay para na ring sa kanya. salamat. god bless

  2. Haays, sounds familiar ang experience mo..pero di ko na sasabihin kung sino since I’m trying to move on na nga eh. wahaha.

    I always admire people like you..the ones who are good in visual arts. Pangarap ko yun when I was a kid pa. Kaso yung “stick” ko di na nag-improve. Wala lang talagang talent.

    Take Care Jose and God Bless.

    • Hi, Heleyna! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the compliment as well; I appreciate it very much!
      I believe that each one of us was given a gift when we were born and thus a purpose to live by. We are all unique in our respective abilities and talents. It may be a gift for teaching, a gift for healing, a gift of compassion, a gift in the arts, a gift for ministry, a gift for listening, a gift for manual labor, and many, many more. We aren’t here on earth by chance; there must be a good reason why we’re alive, otherwise we would have long self-destructed in chaos because we’re all wanting and doing the same thing! As unique as the longings in our hearts is our purpose in life also. God has a glorious plan for each one of us. I, myself, like to believe that I have already understood why I was born. And I have to apply the tools that I was given to pave my way towards my destination and complete my journey. If, in the end, I proved to be foolish and made a big mistake on my true purpose in life, then, I guess I’d just have to breathe a sigh of despair and tell my stupid self, “Better luck next time, boy!”
      Thanks again for dropping by, Heleyna. GOD Bless you and all your loved ones and all your dreams!!!

  3. Wow, who would have thought you didn’t take up arts related course or no one in your family is an artist by profession. You’re very good. It’s good that you’re parents are supportive that early (providing you materials) and of course your teacher!

    ” And although I would feel humbled by their artistic proficiency, I would also feel challenged and encouraged to improve on my own skills.” – Well said.

    Your skill is a calling. Continue nurturing it. =)

    • Thanks so much, wits, for the compliment and for visiting my blog!
      I know that we only pass through this life once. So, whatever gift(s) we are given, we better put it/them to good use! If money is even better off with interest, how much more valuable our traits/talents (that our Heavenly Father gave us) can become when we use them according to His purpose? Far more precious!!!
      Thanks a lot, wits, for your encouragement! I appreciate it a lot!
      Take care! GOD Bless you always!!!

  4. I think Leo Buscaglia was right when he said that the essence of education is not to stuff the mind with facts but to help one discover his/her own uniqueness,to teach one how to develop it and then show one how to give it away….Thanks for giving and sharing your GIFT to the world…master artist. I have always admired you and your artisitic talents …eversince we’ve known each other.
    Hail to the Master artist.!!!Keep it up…still longing for more postings.Goodluck and God bless.

    • Hi, 5378! You’re most welcome! And thank you so much for the very kind words and compliments! I’m really flattered, though I believe that I fall short of the accolade you gave me and am not up to it yet. But just the same, 5378, I appreciate it very, very much!
      I know that you know me more than I can acknowledge in this blog; I thank you for visiting always and, even more so, for admiring my drawings!
      Take care and GOD Bless you always!!!

  5. talaga namang ininspire ka ng husto ni ma’am ah… iba talaga ang approach ng teacher… astig!

    • Hi, Yhen! Thank you sa pagbisita…!
      Oo, para sa ‘kin, malaki talaga ang influence ng teachers– lalo’t nahuhubog nila ang outlook natin sa buhay for our own good. Hindi man ako guro, I consider teaching the most noble profession! Kasi, naniniwala ako na every knowledge begins with a teacher. And by extension, all professionals began with a teacher! At ang pinakamahalagang patunay sa lahat: our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was a teacher (hindi man naniniwala ang iba na Panginoon at Tagapagligtas Siya, naniniwala naman sila na mabuti at mahusay Siyang guro)!
      Take care, Yhen, and GOD Bless you always!!!

  6. so that makes you even greater! considering you’ve had no formal education on ‘arts’. that only means that you’re really an artist by heart. you know what you’re doing, you love what you do and that’s all that counts. 😀 hehe.. newey, i believe that there is an artist in each of us, ‘coz we ourselves are a work of art already. ayt?

    btw i also fancied being an artist whe i was young, even imagined a magical brush that will make all your ideas a reality..

    and until now i still can’t get away with art. in fact i have this “syndrome” of drawing faces and floral vectors once i got hold of a pen and paper.haha. just to share.. 😀

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