Congrats, Manny!

One devastating left hook and that was all it took to become a living legend: Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao knocked Ricky Hatton out at 2:59 of the second round in their IBO junior welterweight title fight May 2nd in Las Vegas. A superb display of boxing mastery undoubtedly pinned Manny’s reputation hands-down as boxing’s greatest pound-for-pound fighter, a title that for a while remained to be proven among boxing purists before the outcome of last night’s fight. Now the world knows: Manny Pacquiao stands among the legends of boxing, one of only a few to rightfully earn the title of the greatest pound-for-pound fighter EVER! And he earned it while conquering the best and the finest challengers around! Congratulations, Manny! Mabuhay!!!
See video of his devastating punch here.

Pacquiao knocking out Hatton with a vicious left!

Pacquiao knocking the lights out of Hatton with a devastatingly savage left hook!

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2 Responses

  1. I liked your new header. I’m not Pacman’s fan, but I must say I’m proud of him. I only saw the videos in Multiply. That was one great (legendary) fight.

    • Thanks a lot, wits! Yes, Pacman made us Filipinos proud again! I’m glad he won that fight very convincingly!
      Take care always, wits!!!

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