Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's DayWhat would I be without my mother? Nonexistent, for sure! Nobody, no one, nowhere, nothing, nil, zero, nada, zilch, wala! I wouldn’t be here…because I wouldn’t be alive! For nine months she carried me in her womb. I ate what she ate, drank what she drank, felt what she felt. In other words, I am here because of her! Every one began with a mother. And I am no exception.
For me, the love of a mother to her child is the most universal expression of true love. Nowhere in nature can you find a love more instinctive than a mother’s. An Asian mother loves her child in the same vein a Caucasian or an African-American mother loves her own. It is not diminished and prejudiced by race or color because a mother’s love beats the same way in every mother’s heart. In some small ways they may differ because of culture, but the undeniable, unquestionable feeling of love is there, ever present! They say that a mother will give up her life for her child– I believe that. Because that’s exactly what she did when she gave birth to her child. It’s an unconditional love that goes far beyond a mother’s regard for her own safety. As it’s been said, a woman in labor pains is like having her one foot in the grave. Indeed! Yet the pangs and danger of childbirth all seem to vanish the moment she hears the first cry of her child! A cry that would also bring tears to her eyes, only this time, not from pain but from joy. Their bond that started during conception also ushered in the beginning of their love for each other. And many years later, when her child leaves home to seek his/her own place under the sun, the love never wanes. And even when he/she starts a family of his/her own, a mother’s love always provides. Because a mother is a mother and her love endures forever! This is the cycle of humanity. The first seed of love a child learns is nourished while yet in the womb. And the first lessons in life is nurtured thereafter after birth by a mother’s love. Such is the mother that I have and I know. A mother who loves me despite my flaws, who is prouder of my achievements than I can ever be, who is more devastated in my failures than I can ever feel, and more hopeful for myself than I can ever hope to be. She exists for the sake of love. And I am forever grateful she is my mother! I love you so much, Mom!!! Happy, happy, happy Mother’s Day to you and GOD Bless you with His Love forever, Mom!!!



2 Responses

  1. Just stopped by to say hi and wish you well, Pards. I’ve been away from blogging too due to my workload.

    Anyway, take care.

    • Thanks so much, Pards, for visiting my blog! I appreciate it a lot!
      I have no real excuse for my inability to update my blog as often as possible. But I’d venture to say that it’s a combination of my laziness and the lack of sensible ideas in my little head. Ang nangyayari, Pards, pag dumadalaw ka sa blog ko, eh, parang wala man lang akong maipainom sa ‘yo kahit Remy Martin man lang…hehe. Hindi bale, sa susunod na madalaw ka sa blog ko eh, mag-beer muna kita– Red Horse, para straight to the point! 😀
      Thanks a lot again, Pards, for stopping by. I wish you well also!
      GOD Bless you and all your loved ones always!!!

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