convicted, 11"x9", pen and ink on medium-weight white paper


Beguiled by the moonshine
and the chanting of the pagans,
the man’s pulse throbbed relentlessly
as though racing with the night;
but agony he was to meet at sunrise.
Alas, the morning brought the shadow back–
ghoulish, ominous, depressing
image of an idle day just gone;
mood became a maidservant
embodied in wiles
obsequious only in desire.
While letting the second hand slide past around
the longstanding man-hour
in repeated, familiar rhythm,
a blinding flash burst from behind the clouds!
Heat rays pricked with intensity a wounded extremity–
its vent erupted with fluids gushing out in spurts!
When there was chance to behold the light,
the eyes were blurred by the caprice of the times;
reined on by the strong hold of the senses,
jerked the body into delirious spasms!
Forbidden ground moved!
Such beat one’s breast after another
shrill, lingering cry
lasting until dusk.
Then the gods went up and set the flesh on fire–
charring the mind…
burning the soul…
killing the heart.


2 Responses

  1. Profound …Master Artist!!!It’s great to see you back.Keep it up !

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