Say it loud, say it clear

Happy Father's Day!

My Father and Myself, our last photo together

My Father and Myself, our last photo together

My father passed away a little over a year ago, of a heart attack (on April 12, 2008).
I remember the last time we were together, we were happy. And the last time we spoke on the phone, I told him I love him. But still I wished I had held him more, hugged him more, spent more time with him, and told him how much I’m proud of him and how deeply I love him. It seems it is never enough to say “I love you” to someone you owe your life to. I owe him all the good things that I am. When he passed away, I had never been lonelier.
Even if you don’t hear me now, I love you, Dad…so much!!! Thank you for everything!!! GOD Bless you always!!!
Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!!


To everyone whose father is still alive, you are so lucky, because you still have the chance to tell him how much you love him– and, best of all, he will get to know and hear you say those words…in his living years. And when– and every time– you tell him you love him, say it loud, say it clear.


8 Responses

  1. i miss him too kuya boychie…i miss him a lot…i wish i had at least one more chance to hug him and tell him i love him…

    • Same here, Lynchie. I wish I was with him that day. I wish I was there to help him, to hold him close and tell him how much we love him…
      Take care there, Lynchie! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!
      GOD Bless you always!!!

  2. my father passed away when I was only 15, I still miss so much… 😦

    on a lighter note, Happy Father’s Day all!

    • Love can be ironic in that it can make you feel sad at times…
      I’m sorry to learn about your father’s passing when you were still young. And I absolutely know the feeling of how much you miss him.
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Rebecca!
      Take care and GOD Bless you always!!!

  3. “Even if you don’t hear me now, I love you, Dad…so much!!! Thank you for everything!!! ” – I think he sees and hears you. It’s good to see you in the photo. Have a great week!

    • Thanks so much, wits, for stopping by. I appreciate it a lot!
      Yes, at times, I think so, too. My Mom says she always feels his presence somehow.
      Have a great week, too, wits! Thanks again for the visit!
      Take care! GOD Bless you always!!!

  4. hi bro… am here again visiting your blog.. i saw your pic with dad …. together. i miss him too. I wish not only to hug him but to get the chance to live with him and be hugged by him… I never got the chance…we never got the chance…

    • Hi, Ynna! Thanks, thanks, thanks so much for visiting my blog!
      I’m not sure why life (or, for that matter, our individual lives) turns out the way it does. All I know is that we ought to be treasuring every single opportunity we spend with our loved ones. We’ll never know if that single physical moment is the last time we’ll ever be with the ones we love. So, we should cherish each moment preciously!
      I am sure Dad loved you every single second of his life, whether you’re together or far apart– and even now when he already moved on to the next life!
      Take care always there, Ynna! I love you, sister!
      GOD Bless you always!!!

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