Motherly concern

Mother Conscience, 12"x10", color pencil on Mead 75-lb drawing paper

Mother Conscience, 12"x10", color pencil on Mead 75-lb drawing paper

Hi! I’m your Mother Conscience! Today, I’m going to give all you humans a favor. Even though you all have taken for granted the importance of a sound, green environment, I ain’t raining acid on your parade just yet. Instead, I’m going to collect every single tear you’d cried from all your grief and then desalinate and use it to water all your vegetation! Morbid??! Naw! At least that’s the solution I’m seeing. The caveat though is, you’ll have to live with sorrow anew just to produce the rainwater necessary to nourish your plants. Unfair? Nope. It could have been worse. This is the toll from all the generations of recklessness you (un)knowingly heaped on your mother Earth! You failed to realize that the reason why hurricanes and typhoons flooded your villages was because you’d been releasing too much pollutants in the air! Inordinate atmospheric pollution in the form of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and even water vapor, trap heat energy from the sun instead of letting this excess heat escape back into space! The more pollution, the hotter the temperature becomes, the more moisture builds up which then form and agitate heavier rain clouds; hence, the stronger the hurricanes or typhoons! And if this phenomenon isn’t still a cause of concern for you, how about realizing that burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and deforestation can significantly increase the Earth’s average temperature warm enough to start melting ice glaciers?!! As they melt, they cause a rise in sea levels which flood most low-lying areas starting those along the coast. Now, if even that isn’t disastrous enough, this same loss of ice can subsequently harm the ecosystem in the Antarctic, altering its local climate and eventually destroying the marine food chain in the process. This disruption of ecological balance ultimately contributes to the domino effect of calamities happening in other parts of the world.
So, you may be wondering, my dear Earthlings, what you can do to defer, or even totally avoid, this self-destruction? Well, unless you change your indifferent ways and make a bold move, your sorrow lingers on. But as I am your mother conscience (read: mother with science!), I’m affording you another chance! And this is where I’ll do you a favor. I’ll let you in on a secret on how your Earth can environmentally recover: for a start, use energy-efficient lighting and turn the lights off when not in use; walk or use a bicycle for short errands; recycle all your recyclable waste, and plant a tree (or trees) in your lifetime. Now, you do these on a consistent basis and you will have reduced your own carbon footprint already (which is the amount of greenhouse gas emission you create) and thus– in your own way– aided in the cleaning of the environment. Wh-what, wait..! What do you mean you know all these things already??! Well, if you do, then why on earth aren’t you saving Earth yet???


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