For the broken-hearted underdog

i am broken and cold without you, 12"x9", pastel and graphite on Bienfang 70-lb white paper

i am broken and cold without you, 12"x9", pastel and graphite on Bienfang 70-lb white paper

If someone in the past hurt you by betraying your trust, who promised you a life of togetherness but left you for somebody else, then I wouldn’t blame you if you might have given up on love already. But what if– despite your ill-fated past– a good heart (a really good heart and not one who pretends to be) found its way to your broken heart and offered to share your grief for as long as it’d take until it mended, would you give love another chance??! If your answer is yes, then, “hooray!” to you! Because that would have proven that you are indeed truly alive and rightfully only hoping for the best! As such, I’m rooting for you!!! I will always root for the broken-hearted underdog! In my book, when you found love by way of a broken heart, you are one blessed soul. Because how else would you describe a foregone conclusion that just defied all odds and reversed misfortune? How else would you define a life that turned the tide by receiving a new lease on love? How else, but “blessed” indeed! Yes, one whose life was maligned through no fault of his/her own has got to be one blessed soul when a kindhearted spirit find its way to his/her heart.
Life is too short to dilly-dally on the most precious of emotions. If you are certain that you found love at last, go grab it with your whole being! Say a prayer (of gratitude and blessing) and take the leap of faith! Because at the end of the day, it’s your own life that is on the line here. And when joy is what you seek for, love is the only way through it![Waiter, isa pa ngang round ng beer dito, please! Paki-dagdagan na rin yung yelo..! Whew! Sarap talaga ng broken-hearted!!!]


4 Responses

  1. hay … i really wish for that too 🙂 another chance, another crack at love…is it really too much to ask and hope for?

    i miss you guys a lot…btw, i saw some pictures that ate louchie uploaded, i finally saw jung! if you get to talk to him, please tell him i miss him terribly!!!!


    • Hi, Lynchie!
      Of course love will find you, as will everybody else also. Love is an equal-opportunity blessing and it will touch everyone at some point in their lives. If you pray for it with your whole mind, heart and soul all the time, so shall it be granted to you in His time. But love in the form of married bliss, like world peace, isn’t just like asking a manager for a salary raise. It’s the big league of wishes, so keep an open heart and mind– it may come in ways we hardly expect it to be. And when it’s in your life already, you need to nurture it with the same thing you wish for in the beginning: love! At least, that’s how I see it…
      Thanks so much, Lynchie, for visiting my blog! I appreciate it a lot!
      As for Jung, I will let him know.
      Take care and GOD Bless you always!!!

  2. Hooray ! Very impressive master artist! I agree with you 100 %…”Life is indeed too short to dilly-dally on the most precious of emotions!”.Even if sometimes it’s just a one way street…the feeling of loving someone even if the other person doesn’t feel the same would still be a blessing.For one , at least she/he is still alive and able to feel…I’m pretty sure that there is wisdom behind the saying …better to have loved than not to have loved at all !Nice one dear pal!Keep it up and I would like to second your motion…”sarap talaga ng broken-hearted!’

    • Hi, 5378!
      We all know love is the most powerful emotion in this world! One can’t just go against it, fight it ’til the end, and still expect to come out as a better person– maybe “bitter,” but certainly not better! Sabi nga sa kanta ng mga tatang ko na Reo Speedwagon, eh, “I can’t fight this feeling any longer”! Kaya nga run sa mga komiks na nababasa ko noon, eh, ang ginagamit na term ay, kung hindi “nakalimot” eh, “nagpaubaya.” 😀 I love love kasi love ko lovely loving qualities niya. At oo, ako man ay naniniwala na kahit minsan ay one-way street ang love, eh, it’s better to let it flow still. At kapag napagod na ang puso? Eh di pahinga ka muna! Next time ulit…hehe
      Thank you so much, 5378, for stopping by! I really appreciate it!
      Take care and GOD Bless you always!!!

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