Life’s a maze

heartsamaze, 9"x12", marker on Aquabee Super Deluxe 93-lb Sketch paper

heartsamaze, 9"x12", marker on Aquabee Super Deluxe 93-lb Sketch paper

Life is complicated, no doubt about it! And love? Oh, boy, even more so! Which perhaps explains why when someone is heartbroken, his/her life as a whole gets affected, too, in the process.
I see love relationships in particular as somewhat akin to mazes. At times I can see clearly the path ahead, while in some instances I get turned back by an immovable wall! But whatever challenges or obstructions lie ahead, my objective is to find a way to move forward toward a prized goal! I am motivated by the belief that there is always a way to make wrong things right. And this is exactly “the way”– the one and only correct path– upon which I set out to take. Life is a labyrinth of hits and misses, successes and failures. But if I learn consistently from my mistakes, I’m hopeful I’ll make my life easier by growing up wiser.
I like to think that I am Sam, Robert De Niro’s character in the 1998 movie, Ronin. In one scene, Deirdre (the character played by Natascha McElhone), upon seeing Sam retrieving his gun which he previously hid behind some crates, asked him, “What exactly were you doin’ back here?” To which Sam replied, “Lady, I never walk into a place I don’t know how to walk out of.” (Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!) 😀
Well, I drew the maze above in the form of a heart. Partly because whenever I think of relationships, I also think about confusion. 🙂 But mostly, I used the symbolism of a heart to affirm that while love may be a mystery to some, it is also, without a shadow of a doubt, a miracle to most!

The maze is very simple. I drew it rather easily, so it shouldn’t prove any more puzzling than what it appears to be. All you have to do is choose which entrance, in your opinion, will take you from one side of the heart to the other side and then back! The important thing is you must complete your chosen route– without doubling back and, of course, uninterrupted– by also coming out of the entry point from which you came in before. And, you have to be able to read the message spelled out along the route. Good luck!


14 Responses

  1. I really admire your work Jose! You say this is simple, but this is one my fave so far….the heart maze symbolism with the words “mahal kita”…. very thematic representation of the post.

    Have a blessed week and take care always! 🙂

    • Hi, Rebecca! Thanks so much for the compliment!
      I knew that if one was familiar with Tagalog words, he/she would definitely ace it right away! And you did!!! I bet it didn’t take you long to solve it!
      Thank you so much again for the compliment and for the visit! I appreciate it a lot!
      Take care there, Rebecca, and GOD Bless you always!!!

  2. hi! simple but cute! it’s nice… 🙂
    yes, life is a maze just like love… just like being in love..!
    it says- mahal kita…
    in love ka ba bro? (just asking) 🙂

    • Hi, sis! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the compliment!
      As for your question– no, I’m not (if you’re referring to the “sweetheart, etc.” kind of love). I drew it for all the people who are in love forever; for everyone who loves someone so deeply, however unrequited his/her love may be; for all those who love their families so much; for every individual who loves his/her friend(s) like he’s/she’s/they’re family, and for every single soul who loves God above all else!
      Stay in love is all I can say to everyone who is in a relationship right now. It’s the closest thing to heaven on earth.
      Take care always, sis, and thanks again for stopping by!
      GOD Bless you always!!!

  3. Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in the cyberspace. I wish you more happiness and LOVE no matter how complicated it is sometimes.I feel so blessed with your presence and knowing personally the real master artist !!!Happy birthday my dear friend ! More blessings !

    • Hi, 5378! Thank you so very much for greeting me and for your kind and loving wishes on my birthday!!!
      Truth is, I am the one who feels so honored with the blessings of your friendship!!!
      Thank you so much, 5378, and GOD Bless you always!!!

  4. ah it’s your birthday…

    wishing you all the best of everything and more blessings as always!

    *CHEERS* 🙂

    • Hi, Rebecca! Yep, according to my mother, today’s my birthday!
      Thank you so much for greeting me and for your kind wishes! Very, very much appreciated!!!
      Take care and GOD Bless you always, Rebecca!!!

  5. kuya boychie!!!!

    i love this one! maybe you can design a shirt for me with the maze on the front 🙂

    love you!

    how was your birthday?

    • Hi, Lynchie!
      Will do. May binili nga ako noon na Speedball Kit for T-shirt screenprinting, pero ‘di ko pa nagagamit. Parang gusto ko uling bumalik sa pag-pri-print ng t-shirts– just like the old days! I will make you one with that design.
      Nung birthday ko, kumain kami nina Mom at Louchie sa Le Cirque resto sa New York. Naka $20,000 din kami ng bill! He-he…joke lang!!! Kumain lang kami sa Old Country Buffet– eat all you can! Hanggang ngayon nga, busog pa ako! (burp!) 😀
      Take care there, Lynchie! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love you, too!
      GOD Bless you always!!!

  6. yehey!!!! i’m getting a t-shirt, i’m getting a t-shirt! 😀 kuya boychie, pwedeng magrequest ulit? my shirt size is medium 😀 😀 😀

    aha! i knew it, you were with GMA 😀 😀 😀 i know, i saw the pictures in your friendster (or was it ate louchie’s?)but i didn’t have time to comment…”sinisilip” ko lang kasi ang mga blog natin from monday – friday eh 🙂

    i miss you and mom a lot. please give her a kiss and a hug for me…

    by the way, is it also possible to “design” sneakers? i mean white canvas sneakers (keds), can you also design those? 😀 just a thought …

    • Hi, Lynchie!
      Hehe…no problem.
      Oo, si GMA nga yung kasama ko– Great Mother Always! 😀
      Yes, when it comes to screenprinting, it is always best to apply the paint on porous supports made of cloth-like surfaces such as textile or, in the case of sneakers, canvas.
      Take care always, Lynchie, and thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it a lot!
      GOD Bless you always!!!

  7. nice one… the lines speaks a lot…

    agree to your words… 😉

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