Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Be thankful! Be happy! Be grateful! Be helpful!


8 Responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jose!

    Wishing you Thanksgiving Blessings all year long, full of love, peace and happiness!

    ang cute ng kitty! have a PURRfect day!

    • Hi, Rebecca!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! And likewise, I’m wishing you and your whole family God’s Blessings of love, peace and happiness!!!
      My cat, Muning, says thank you for the compliment! And she also sends her purriest regards to all your pets, especially the feline ones…hehehe.
      Take care always, Rebecca!

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you and to your family!

  3. Happy happy thanksgiving!
    There are so many things in life to be THANKFUL and one of these …is this BLOG!Miss the postings MASTER ARTIST!
    It’s great to be ALIVE and KICKING…happy thanksLIVING!
    God bless you always and forever!

    • Hi, 5378! Thank you so much for your compliment! I know, I haven’t updated my blog in a long while. And I am so mighty glad that you’re still reading it!
      I’m very thankful to you for always visiting my blog, for being a loyal reader! I appreciate it a whole lot!!!
      Take care, 5378, and GOD Bless you and your whole family always!!!

  4. muningerzy is cute…uber cute! i love the way cats fold their paws underneath their chest…hehehehe reminds me of kuyep … i miss my kuyep 😩

    happy thanksgiving bro! mwah! lots of love to you, mom, ate lou and of course muningerzy!

    • Mukang cute lang yang si Muning sa pic, pero sa personal eh hindi at isnabera pa ang bruha…hehehe…nilaglag ko raw bigla si Muning. Hindi, biro lang. Cute talaga siya at super bait pa– pag tulog! hehehe… Yeah, Kuyep is da kat!!!
      A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Lynchie!!!
      Take care there and GOD Bless you always!!!

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