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Panic Attack!

I was reading the news on BBC’s site when I came across this article about a YouTube video of a short sci-fi film from Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez. The short film is so technically impressive and well-crafted that Mr. Alvarez was eventually offered a US$30-million Hollywood contract to make a full-length movie! The YouTube-uploaded video is entitled “Ataque de Panico!” (Panic Attack!) and is about giant robots invading Uruguay’s capital of Montevideo! While the concept may seem trite already, considering the slew of sci-fi movies we’d been seeing of late (“Transformers” and “2012” come to mind, and just this week, the new movie, “Avatar”), this one seems to be bucking the odds in that it is not Hollywood-produced and was made with only US$300 in budget! What is actually striking about the whole thing is the fact that this short film seems to conjure up the unlikely combination of a grand-scale production and a ridiculously tight budget! And yet the quality of the shots, directing and effects is astounding! The short film is only 4 minutes, 48 seconds long. But if Mr. Alvarez can sustain this level of technical skill and fine-tune it for transformation into a full feature film, Hollywood may yet have another top-notch creative director in its midst! Check it out and see for yourself why Fede Alvarez‘ work is receiving a lot of favorable responses from movie buffs everywhere!

i love you, that’s why


to cheat not, or not to cheat: that is the answer

i don't cheat. i pollinate!, 12"x9", ink and acrylic on Canson 70-lb white Drawing paper

The recent news of Tiger Woods’ dilemma regarding his marital infidelity made me think about how the complication of cheating on one’s spouse has become trivial nowadays, particularly the notion that since most celebrities do it, then it shouldn’t be considered big deal anymore. While that may be true, most people still believe it is not an excuse to hop in on the bandwagon and join in the fun. “To cheat or not to cheat,” yes, that is the only nagging question in a person’s conscience when he or she is suddenly presented with a beautiful and attractive “opportunity.” Would I pass up on that thrill myself if I were in these celebrities’ shoes? I probably wouldn’t. And while I’m not condoning this offense, I’m also not condemning the person involved. Sin happens, but the sinner matters more.
Tiger’s recent apology on his website clearly indicates that he is sorry for what he has done. And since it is an extramarital affair, the issue of forgiveness would be best left between the concerned spouses. If the wife forgives the husband’s infidelity, end of the story. But boy, it would take a whole lotta lovin’ to look the other way and still keep on trusting the person who has repeatedly betrayed your trust! Well, he’s only human so I’m certain he deserves forgiveness if he asks for it sincerely and with the resolve not to be unfaithful anymore. However bitter a personal sin is, it can be forgiven. His reputation as a squeaky-clean individual may have been tarnished already but if he manages to keep his family intact, then well and good! After all, that’s all that really matters! So I hope the Woods couple will get over this ordeal through forgiveness and save their marriage and family!
On a side note, it’s baffling that I can never quite tell just by looking at someone’s physical appearance if that person will or will not cheat on his or her spouse. Maybe because it’s largely a matter of character. It’s something that is inside one’s heart– or the lack thereof– and not manifested on how good- or bad-looking a person is, or even how well or lousy he/she dresses up.
Still, I consider marriage a very sacred vow that must not be defiled by infidelity. I believe it is a blessed union between two loving souls, so holy that “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. [Mark 10:9, KJV]” And when it comes to committing oneself to a lifetime of marital faithfulness, I am often reminded of a line I read elsewhere– and it goes something like this: If you can’t settle down, then don’t get married!

counter-corporeal control

withering away in arduous toil, 11"x9", pen and ink on medium-weight white paper, colors inverted

I wonder what would happen if the world was just one big happy place where there were no more crimes, poverty and injustice and the only thing that I would be worrying about is how to live longer. Hmm, sounds a bit familiar? Yes. And I think it’s because I actually ought to be living my time on earth like so: by behaving well without a covetous heart. Wow, that’s a pretty good thought, considering that if this were to happen, that would mean I’d be well-off in the wealth department and that I could buy anything I wanted just like everyone else. Plus I didn’t have to worry about getting mugged or killed for my money because there just wouldn’t be any crime around as everyone is– unbelievably– materially contented! Except for one thing: I’m still mortal and I could die anytime from any health-related cause just like everyone else. Ah, the case of so much money yet too little time! And the kind of life that imitates the line, “Let’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!” In the end, it’s just pretty much like having a very special, loving someone in my life without consciously knowing what gem I had in that person until I lost her. That said, could I have been so unjust thinking only of my own gain and pleasure by getting involved with yet another woman, or was it an outright terrible crime to just let her leave without me doing much effort on my part to save our relationship? Surely, life must not be perfect if it has to end at some random time, eh? After all, I beg to differ and say otherwise that all good things should not really end if they are indeed truly good! Sigh…I guess I’m just being totally avaricious! But in any case, if I gravely offended a good heart, then I must pay the price and suffer the consequence!
And that’s how I died the first time. When the virus of pride entered my heart and I got sick out of my senses! Long story short, I didn’t value a love so precious! I was convicted of the crime of stupidity, injustice of indifference, and relegated to poverty in heart from a love lost imprudently! I was found guilty on all counts beyond reasonable doubt! In the end it came as no surprise to me: I was sentenced to die by lethal rejection, withering away alone in utter misery! 😩
Now on to my umpteenth chance, I believe I have clearly achieved complete control over myself. Which is, every time I’m happy and I know it, I clap my hands! That way, I’m sure I’m keeping my hands just to myself! Imagine if I weren’t a changed man yet, and I’m happy and I know it, I would have been all over the place again! Now that’s a bad thing. As I’ve learned my lesson the hard way: too much of a good thing is…well, you get my point, don’t ya?