counter-corporeal control

withering away in arduous toil, 11"x9", pen and ink on medium-weight white paper, colors inverted

I wonder what would happen if the world was just one big happy place where there were no more crimes, poverty and injustice and the only thing that I would be worrying about is how to live longer. Hmm, sounds a bit familiar? Yes. And I think it’s because I actually ought to be living my time on earth like so: by behaving well without a covetous heart. Wow, that’s a pretty good thought, considering that if this were to happen, that would mean I’d be well-off in the wealth department and that I could buy anything I wanted just like everyone else. Plus I didn’t have to worry about getting mugged or killed for my money because there just wouldn’t be any crime around as everyone is– unbelievably– materially contented! Except for one thing: I’m still mortal and I could die anytime from any health-related cause just like everyone else. Ah, the case of so much money yet too little time! And the kind of life that imitates the line, “Let’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!” In the end, it’s just pretty much like having a very special, loving someone in my life without consciously knowing what gem I had in that person until I lost her. That said, could I have been so unjust thinking only of my own gain and pleasure by getting involved with yet another woman, or was it an outright terrible crime to just let her leave without me doing much effort on my part to save our relationship? Surely, life must not be perfect if it has to end at some random time, eh? After all, I beg to differ and say otherwise that all good things should not really end if they are indeed truly good! Sigh…I guess I’m just being totally avaricious! But in any case, if I gravely offended a good heart, then I must pay the price and suffer the consequence!
And that’s how I died the first time. When the virus of pride entered my heart and I got sick out of my senses! Long story short, I didn’t value a love so precious! I was convicted of the crime of stupidity, injustice of indifference, and relegated to poverty in heart from a love lost imprudently! I was found guilty on all counts beyond reasonable doubt! In the end it came as no surprise to me: I was sentenced to die by lethal rejection, withering away alone in utter misery! 😦
Now on to my umpteenth chance, I believe I have clearly achieved complete control over myself. Which is, every time I’m happy and I know it, I clap my hands! That way, I’m sure I’m keeping my hands just to myself! Imagine if I weren’t a changed man yet, and I’m happy and I know it, I would have been all over the place again! Now that’s a bad thing. As I’ve learned my lesson the hard way: too much of a good thing is…well, you get my point, don’t ya?

2 Responses

  1. Master say that you are Shakespeare incarnate is an understatement !!! I am deeply amazed by your illustration …it gives me this noble feeling just by looking at it!OMG! How do you do such a great work of art if not from GOD! You are indeed so blessed with HIS gifts…Thanks for sharing it to the world!
    And just to share a bit of myself to the world and to your readers …like anybody else in this world I was also guilty beyond reasonable doubt of “abandoning “ my eternal love or shall I say the greatest love of my life ….my first love (indeed a late realization ).Perhaps for if “not able to hold on and nurture a precious relationship were a crime and punishable by hard labor” then I think I had been punished already the” hardEST way .” And just like anybody else guilty of this…I underwent trials ,heartaches and pains only I and my God knew.
    I think there is wisdom in the saying that “When you have loved unconditionally one man and lost that love,it leaves a wound that never heals, a sad and broken heart, a void forever.”Since the time I lost this person ( my first love) ,my heart was never the same again…for it became restless…looking for someone having the same qualities that my first love possessed. And if I were to quantify the hardships, I’ve endured and the tears that I’ve cried…I could have made a river out of it…I’ve seen the faces of death in many forms and many times living an “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die attitude” …in fact just few hours away …face to face with the shadow of death .My heart and mind thought that I’ve nowhere to go and the emptiness deep seated inside my heart made me a lost soul .
    But God Almighty , the source of all wisdom and love has winked on me…and has been so good to me all the time that despite the tragedies in my life… I’ve never failed to lose HOPE…that one day this long lost love will come back and just like the big question I’ve been asking myself “can a once in a lifetime chance …happen twice?” My answer…YES…with GOD’s wink and blessing.I’ve learned my lessons in life the ‘hard way” too …realizing the value of someone when one is already lost…sigh! Realizing that everyday …every MINUTE…every SECOND of our lives count…so never fail to say things you could’ve a million times say and never wait until they’re gone to say the things or do things we never had the courage or time (alibi) to say or do….sigh!!! And because I hoped and dreamt that God will grant my wish and prayer …now that I have him once again… I’ve realized that once you find someone you really TRULY love …try your “HARDEST” not to lose the person, GIVE YOUR BEST to keep the person and nurture the relationship because to be honest ..that vacuum left by your true love will cost a lifetime of loneliness….sigh !And I don’t want to live the remaining days of my life on earth … a life filled with regrets and loneliness …I’m looking forward to a new beginning with the chance that God has given me twice with the LOVE OF MY LIFE…..MY FIRST LOVE !!! One’s utter misery can be vanished and conquered by TRUE LOVE. Call me a hopeless romantic…but I think I am a more of a “hopeful”romantic NOW and a believer that anybody who relieves one’s sadness or misery… GOD’s MESSENGER and ANGEL of HOPE…….So I always raise my hands to heaven and pray for this angel to stay …my TRUE LOVE and ETERNAL FLAME who made me believe that LIFE can be “GLORIOUS” with his presence .
    I ‘d like to believe…that things were meant to happen …however…all is not lost…I still have TODAY and perhaps TOMORROW !!! I think you’ve served your sentence long enough master Artist .Now ..I believe God has blessed you for being a changed man. For one… you now have complete control over yourself!!!Congratulations!! Keep it up!! I always pray for you Master Artist!!!Thanks for posting again….and pardon me for this long reply… it’s an effect of missing your wits ….your art and heart!!!God bless!

    • Hi, 5378! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
      Wow!!! Reading your comment, I must say I can almost feel what you’ve gone through. And I don’t know what else to say except that you must have been strengthened beyond your age by all the sad experiences and trials you went through and won over! As a result, you’ve acquired much wisdom, and the gratitude of heart that goes along with it!
      Thank you so much, 5378, for all the compliments! I am truly grateful for your appreciation of my blog!
      Your Angel of Hope will not leave you and will give you comfort whenever you’re feeling down; with GOD’s Blessing, he’s there to give you hope till the end!
      Take care, 5378, and GOD Bless you and all your loved ones always!!!

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