i l♥ve y♥u !!!



4 Responses

  1. I love you so much my everdearest!
    You complete me totally.
    Your presence in my life is indeed GOD’s GREATEST MIRACLE to me.To be in your loving arms with your TRUE love made me live again.
    May God bless always this TRUE LOVE that we have for each
    other! I love you very much and happy anniversary too!

  2. my bad! it has been 3 days since your anniversary…sorry, i wasn’t online friday, saturday and sunday…my wheezies are back!

    i am super duper happy that the two of you are back in each other’s lives and will be together, forever 🙂

    mwah, mwah (a kiss for both of you) and a great big (((HUG))) !!!

    • Bles and I thank you, Lynchie, very much! And we hope you’re feeling much better now!
      We are thankful to GOD, so much, for this blessing in our life together! May He Bless our love for each other always!!!
      Thanks a lot again, Lynchie, for dropping by! We appreciate it very much!!!

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