old sketches

Here are some old sketches that I did way back in the ’90s. They are all sketches from pictures that I found interesting in whatever magazines or newspapers I could lay my hands on at that time. Being self-taught, that was how I practiced my eye-hand coordination skills– by copying from pictures and judging how closely I could get a likeness by using as few strokes as possible. My reasoning was, if I could nail a convincingly pretty close copy by accurately drawing the contours of the major facial features (like the correct placement and shapes of eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), then the rendering or dimensional shaping and forming of the drawing by way of shadings, shadows and highlights would easily follow. (all drawings were done on regular 11″x8.5″ copy paper using charcoal and graphite.)

Alberto Breccia

artists all

Audrey Hepburn


Holly Golightly

Audrey Hepburn

Wes Studi


5 Responses

  1. Master Artist…you did it again…your drawings really amaze me…how I wish God gave me half of that talent of yours…so that I could sketch everyday what’s on my mind.The faces seemingly would want to say something esp. Wes Studi,Breccia and Audrey ..I guess they would want to say..”.thanks to you Master Artist for sharing your talent to world.! Keep it up !!!”
    Have a blessed Sunday!Happy Valentine’s day!

  2. Hi, 5378! Hi, wits!
    Thanks so much for the compliment! I appreciate it a lot!!!
    Thank you both for visiting my blog!

  3. You know my dear every time I log on to your blog and read your postings…and marvel at your work of art,,,the noblest emotions I have are awakened by your gift…so keep on writing and keep on drawing ….i love you!

  4. These are awesome. 🙂

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