the Google Art Project

I just want to share with you Google’s new project that was released this week. It is called the Google Art Project and it aims to “make art more accessible online” by enabling anyone interested to “explore hundreds of artworks from 17 of the world’s most acclaimed art museums in extraordinary levels of detail, as well as take 360 degree tours of the museums using Street View technology.” Here is the main link to this project, and another link to this site which serves as the portal to the respective YouTube channels of some of the world’s finest art museums that participated in this remarkable undertaking. To an art lover, this effort by a group of avid Googlers and the company (and its museum partners) to make art– great works of art– more accessible online is nothing short of spectacular! I myself personally feel it is one of Google’s most monumental projects to date! Imagine feeling awed as if you were in front of the actual artwork and inspecting its fine details yourself; with Google’s Street View technology (which they put to excellent use here), this simulation becomes an astounding and enriching experience– all without leaving your place and having to fly to a museum located halfway around the world! But of course, I am not one to say that this achievement takes the place of actually seeing the artwork in its tangible reality because, as the Google project leader, Amit Sood, said: “Nothing beats the first-person experience.”

As a source of inspiration and audio/video/information-referencing tool, Google remains unmatched. This recent project clearly shows why. Sometimes, all it takes to be inspired is one idea. But oftentimes though, even a mere picture (of a painting or any artwork) can deeply touch one’s emotions and move him/her to ennoble other people’s lives.

Kudos and gratitude to the group of art-loving, passionate Googlers who spearheaded this campaign (and, of course, many thanks to all the museums that took part in this awe-inspiring, truly worthwhile project)!