Congrats, Manny!

One devastating left hook and that was all it took to become a living legend: Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao knocked Ricky Hatton out at 2:59 of the second round in their IBO junior welterweight title fight May 2nd in Las Vegas. A superb display of boxing mastery undoubtedly pinned Manny’s reputation hands-down as boxing’s greatest pound-for-pound fighter, a title that for a while remained to be proven among boxing purists before the outcome of last night’s fight. Now the world knows: Manny Pacquiao stands among the legends of boxing, one of only a few to rightfully earn the title of the greatest pound-for-pound fighter EVER! And he earned it while conquering the best and the finest challengers around! Congratulations, Manny! Mabuhay!!!
See video of his devastating punch here.

Pacquiao knocking out Hatton with a vicious left!

Pacquiao knocking the lights out of Hatton with a devastatingly savage left hook!

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Pac-Man is the man!

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Once again, the pride of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao— more popularly known as Pac-Man, or the People’s Champ, or Pambansang Kamao (National Fist), or the “Mexicutioner” (Mexican executioner)– has won a convincing, one-sided victory against a legendary opponent in the person of the Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, by way of an 8th-round technical knockout in their welterweight non-title bout! This win practically sealed the title of boxing’s current best pound-for-pound fighter for Manny Pacquiao. It also proves that talent tempered with serious training will always give one an edge even against an intimidating foe in the caliber of Oscar De La Hoya! Plus, I believe the Golden Boy’s age (35) had finally caught up with him. The 29-year old Pacquiao was just too fast and much stronger and more methodical than De La Hoya. I felt sorry for the beating that Oscar got from Manny. But such is gladiator sports like boxing– you gotta give it all you got until you’re the only one left standing! Now, only the British boxer, Ricky Hatton, stands in the way of Manny Pacquiao before all of boxing undisputedly crown Pac-Man as today’s ultimate greatest pound-for-pound boxer! And as the only way the sweet science of the manly art of boxing decides and settles once and for all its true champion: there can be only one! Congratulations, Manny, for your convincing victory! You’ve given the Philippines yet another great honor and a source of pride and inspiration to all Filipinos around the world! Keep it up, thank you, and mabuhay ka (long live), Manny! GOD Bless you and all Filipinos for this triumph!!!

that's the way glove goes, 11"x8.5", color pencil and graphite on Winsor & Newton 65-lb paper

that's the way glove goes, 11"x8.5", color pencil and graphite on Winsor & Newton 65-lb paper